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About Us

Fabian Klauder


Fabian is the co-founder and editor of DEFI TIMES. He has an entrepreneurial background, and was an early adopter of Bitcoin and DeFi. After finishing his degree in economics and finance, Fabian focuses on building the Web3.

Juri Maibaum


Juri is the co-founder of DEFI TIMES. He has a background in law and is an early DeFi user. Previously, he worked as a journalist for a large German crypto magazine. In early 2020, he decided to work full-time in DeFi.

Nick Gellert

Researcher and Writer

Nick is a team member of DEFI TIMES. With a background in finance and economics, his DeFi journey began in early-2020. He quickly started expanding his knowledge with great passion. Nick has spent a long time in South America and speaks Spanish fluently.