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Tezos Ecosystem Launches Community Grant Programs

The community grant programs are designed to support builders and creators exploring the Tezos community Participating ecosystem hubs include TZ APAC, Tezos India, Tezos Commons,


Circle Reveals Backing of Stablecoin USDC

Circle, the company behind the popular DeFi stablecoin USDC, revealed that every single USDC is backed by real assets. Grant Thornton accountants verified that the


Digital Yuan Will Support Smart Contracts

The Chinese central bank has announced that the Digital Yuan will support “smart contract programmability.” But the central bank commented that its new Digital Yuan,

DeFi 101

DeFi Blue Chip Tokens Simply Explained

DeFi Blue Chips are the largest tokens on Ethereum, mostly with a market cap of over $1 billion. The term “blue chip” in traditional finance