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DeFi 101

What Is Institutional DeFi?

Institutional DeFi: a term that is still pretty young. Institutions are getting more attracted by DeFi. The term first hit the mainstream in the crypto


Asian Countries Driving CBDC Movement

Many Asian countries are about to introduce Central Bank Digital Currencies (short: CBDCs). The following Asian countries are working on CBDCs right now: China Thailand


Mercado Bitcoin Becomes Unicorn

Mercado Bitcoin has raised $200 million from Soft Bank. The crypto exchange is now valued at $2.1 billion. With that valuation, Mercado Bitcoin has become


Coinmarketcap Integrates Uniswap

Coinmarketcap integrates Uniswap! Coinmarketcap is one of the most-used crypto market data aggregators globally. Uniswap is the most used DEX and forked DeFi project. Coinmarketcap’s